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7-7-17 – An Appeal for Peace

7-7-17 initiative appeals for prayer for peace tomorrow

Published July 6, 2017, 11:57 AM

By Christina Hermoso

“Let us all pray for peace.”

The Pasa Lord Prayer Movement is inviting all Filipinos to unite in praying for peace in the country at noon on Friday and every day at midday until peace reigns in the Philippines.


The interreligious initiative has come up with a universal prayer that seeks the Lord’s favor, blessings for our leaders, safekeeping of families, and grace to live at peace with one another. It likewise prays for protection from foreign invasion, lawless acts, terrorism and war as it seeks for peace, unity, prosperity, and transformation for the nation.

Dubbed as “7-7-17,” the initiative urges the public “to please stop whatever you are doing at 12 noon tomorrow. Turn to God and in solidarity with us, say the Prayer for Peace in the Philippines. All we’re asking for is one minute of your time,” declared Bing Pimentel, president of the Senate Spouses Foundation, Inc. (SSFI) and the lead convenor of the prayer movement.

“Everyone who joins us in prayer becomes a mustard seed. It only takes a little seed of faith to move a mountain. If we can combine out mustard seeds of faith, then we can tell the mountains of problems confronting our country to go away,” she stressed.

The Prayer for Peace in the Philippines is available in English and Filipino and may be downloaded from https:///



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