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<a href="" target="_blank">Fallingwater</a> is perhaps American architect Frank Lloyd Wright's best known building. It hovers poetically on top of a waterfall. The structure was so shocking when it was built in the 1930s that it landed on the cover of Time magazine.

Why build a regular school when you can make a stunning one? Architect <a href="" target="_blank">Will Aslop</a> answered that thought with the fun and colorful Sharp Centre for the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, which balances on thin stilts.

The late Dutch architect Piet Blom designed these whimsical <a href="" target="_blank">cubic houses</a> in Rotterdam and Helmond, in the Netherlands. The top part of the homes are tilted 45 degrees to create a dizzying effect.

Montreal's landmark Olympic Stadium is known for the world's tallest leaning tower (175 meters). It was designed by French architect <a href="" target="_blank">Roger Taillibert</a>.



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