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I agree with a comment a person posted on the internet.  “Why do people cover they babies with blankets or zipped up in infant carriers?”  It is a idiotic practice and should stop.  It would be wonderful if all people who cover children with blankets or covers put covers over their head for 20 minutes or longer indoors and outside to determine how the child must feel.  Allow the child air flow! It is pure common sense.

Anonymous wrote:OP here – well, I am not going to confront someone I don’t know in public.

Plus, I am against blankets covering up babies’ faces at all in strollers and car seats...not just when the blanket is not directly on the baby’s face. There is not enough air in there and babies simply do not need to be covered up/suffocated. It is such a stupid practice and potentially dangerous.

by the way, some babies have suffocated and died in certain baby carriers (the ones parents wear to carry babies) because of lack of oxygen – their faces turn a certain way and get completely covered by the cloth and they can’t breathe.



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