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At Least 25 Black Teen Girls Are Missing In D.C Since Feb 1st! #findourgirls #protectourgirls

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WHERE IS THE MEDIA?: At Least 25 Black Teen Girls Are Missing In D.C Since Feb 1st! #findourgirls #protectourgirls


D.C. seems to have an abnormally high rate of young black women going missing. We previously reported 10 black and latinx kids had gone missing in 10 days!. Since February it seems at least 25 black teen girls have been reported missing (and have not been found at the time of writing). With what seems like a crisis going on many are asking why this isn’t hitting the big headlines?

UPDATE: YOU ARE BEING HEARD! Town Hall Held To Discuss Missing D.C. Black And Latina Teen Girls

Many believe it is what is called “missing white women syndrome.”, coined in the book Media Discrepency, A Gender Battleground, which keeps these cases out of the mainstream headlines, also, sometimes it’s because they are filed as runaways rather and of course there are many other reasons.

As to why black teens are going missing in D.C. in such large numbers, people fear it’s a mixture of bad home lives, poverty and a high density of people trafficking and sex slavery. Some also believe organ harvesting is at work.

We need to share this info, get the news out there and try and find these girls and all missing people. Right now D.C. has 38 unsolved missing persons cases and from what I can see, only 3 of those are white, so it’s a problem HEAVILY affecting the black community…. And of the 38, many of the girls that have been tweeted missing from the D.C. police dept have not been added to that the list yet. And remember, these are just reported cases, there are probably many more.

Below are the missing girls (since Feb 1) from D.C Police Twitter feed and this is not including the black women and men who have gone missing:

(Please let us know if any of these young women have been found)

Although Chasity was also reported found before she was reported missing, so not sure if she is safe?


As the MPDC ask

If you have information about any of these cases, please conact the Metropolitan Police Department at (202) 727-9099 or text your tip to the Department’s TEXT TIP LINE to 50411.

We need to share this far and wide and help find these girls and all missing persons!


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